Special Needs-Accessibilities Committees (General)

Special Needs-Accessibilities committees assist A.A. members who have a variety of challenges to accessing the A.A. message in A.A. meetings, Twelve Step work and other A.A. service. — Reprinted from, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.


The accessibility committee has created a questionnaire that groups may use to determine if meeting sites meet minimum accessibility requirements. To download the questionnaire, click here.  To contact the committee, use

Accessibility documents:

Accessibility letter

ADA criteria

ADA drawings (4)

 Accessibility Committee Report for November 2016

The Accessibilities Committee has been collecting information from different meetings about how they are able to accommodate meeting goers who have different disability challenges.  The committee has met many challenges in this effort, including trying to get meeting members to talk about it.  As such, the committee came to the conclusion that it wishes to have a panel discussion at the possible convention next year in Watertown to get information out to the groups on how accommodations can best be made.

Some housekeeping measures also came up: Richard from District 103 stepped up to be interim alternate chair, and Noella’s (the last appointed chair) packet is still nowhere to be found.  Richard will try to follow up to get that back to the committee for usage.  In the meantime, there is still confusion about Theresa continuing as chair in light of recent statements, which Theresa will try to clarify.

Addendum: after discussion with Chairperson Lori on the PI committee and Patty S., Theresa submitted her offer to Carrie to continue as Accessibilities Chair.  It was brought to light that there is another person interested in chairing the Accessibilities Committee, but the identity of that person is not known to any current committee member, and there has been no mention of another person wanting to chair by any current committee member at prior committee meetings.