Delegate’s Report to Area Assembly, Sep 10, 2017

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Delegates Report to Area Assembly: Period of August 14 to September 10, 2017

Thank you to our host district, 0600s, including Wayne C, DCM 0630 and Theresa G., DCM 0640. I very much appreciate their efforts and hospitality in service to the assembly. It is so nice to see so many old friends here, and if I haven’t had a chance to say hi and shake your hand please try and catch me during the breaks.

Area Workshop – Safety

Thank you to Bob, Gene and Liz for their excellent presentations on topic of Safety. I always appreciate when the presenter takes the time in advance of the workshop to study/research their topic. All three presentations I thought were informative and given from different perspectives based on their experiences. Regarding the use of the new Safety Card I pulled polled the assembly as to its current usage. Two home groups are using it, however there were approximately 10 groups that are planning to discuss it at an upcoming group conscience.

2017 General Service Final Reports

The reports were available at the assembly. I will continue to bring them to each area assembly until the supply is depleted. I want to emphasize to you that the final reports, as it says on the cover, are confidential, as last names of members are used. The report is for the use of AA members only. If you have any questions regarding the report please feel free to ask me. You are welcome to call, email, or see me here at this assembly or at a following assembly.

Where Have I Been?

I attended the annual District Border Picnic which is held by Area 47 district 0500 and Pennsylvania district 46. It was in Lawrence Township Pennsylvania on Saturday, September 9. I spoke at the meeting as did Paul M, Delegate, Panel 67, Area 59, Eastern Pennsylvania. There was a large turnout and I had a great time. Thank you to Chrissie S, and district 0500 for inviting me. Later that night I spoke on General Service in a meeting Corning. Also, this past month I spoke at meetings in Rochester and Penfield. It is an honor to share my love and enthusiasm for general service.

Where am I Going?

For the first time since becoming the delegate, I have no upcoming events or meetings scheduled to attend. I will be away from September 18 through September 29. During that time, I will not be able to be reached by phone/text and I will have limited access to email. Please feel free to contact Barb C, our alternate delegate or Carrie C, our area chair, if need be.

Alternate Delegate

Barb, our alternate delegate, and myself continue to stay in touch with a bi-weekly phone call. And I very much look forward to hearing her concept Concepts presentations. I always find them insightful and informative.

Grapevine: Subscribe Now

I will be brief: if you have not already done so, subscribe now! Even if you do not read the magazine, subscribe and give your copy to your local treatment or correctional committee. They will see to it that it is given to those who very much appreciate a meeting in print, as it helps them to stay sober, under in what can be difficult living conditions

Also, thank you to Larry for taking on the Grapevine committee chair position.

DCM and Alternate DCM Summit

At the area committee meeting, we continued our preparation for the DCM Summit. The purpose of the summit is to educate, encourage and empower the DCMs. We are doing this not because we have a weak group of DCMs but rather because we have a strong group. In nearly 10 years of attending area committee meetings we have now one of the best group DCMs ever that I have worked with. The summit will be on Saturday, November 4 from 10 AM to 3 PM, it includes lunch. The location is to be determined, however it will be centrally located relative to the area. Barb C, Alternate Delegate, Carrie C, Area Chair and myself will conduct the summit. Invitees will be DCMs, Alternate DCMs, and individuals serving as temporary DCMs. Of course, anyone can attend, but recognize that the focus is on the DCM.

Also, I pointed out to the assembly that the DCM is almost a forgotten position at our area assembly. To illustrate this, I pointed to our area handbook which has no reference to the DCM. (However, the Winners Circle does.) The DCM is vital in our work to stimulate interest in general service. The pre-work for the summit was distributed and discussed. It includes reading assignments, taking a district inventory and preparing to share on their own increasing participation initiatives. I will continue to update the area on the progress of our meeting.

Empire State Convention of Young People AA (ESCYPAA)

I discussed, at last month’s assembly, the delegate sending a letter of recommendation/spiritual support on behalf of the area to the advisory committee of ESCYPAA regarding the submissions to host the 2018 ESCYPAA convention by the: Rochester Committee of Young People in A.A. (ROCYPAA) and the Southern Tier Convention of Young People in A.A.(STCYPAA). As there was no request to discuss this matter at this assembly, I will send the letter to the committee.

My rationale for doing this: we experience firsthand, at our area assembly and district meetings, the consistent and energetic commitment by members of ROCYPAA and STYPAA to carry the message of recovery to the alcoholic who still suffers. Their service, in various positions, at the area assembly, is much appreciated by me, and they are a great power of example to all of us. I believe, that either one would do a great job hosting the convention. And I wish them success with their submissions.

Pending legal matter: Printer’s Copy Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous

Rich P, the Northeast Regional Trustee and chairperson of AAWS conducted a conference call with the Northeast regional delegates and alternate delegates on August 24. Most of the call provided an update on the pending legal matter.

This was followed up by a letter, sent electronically, to Conference members, from Rich P, on September 1, 2017.

Following are selected highlights from the letter

“Regarding the litigation underway concerning the Printers Copy Manuscript of Alcoholics Anonymous, we feel that a response is in-order to the various concerns and comments sent to the office and to the General Service Board, as well as those not addressed directly to us but communicated within the Fellowship.”

“All of us understand that it would be inappropriate to discuss legal matters outside the context of the case and outside the attorney-client relationship. The issue that has arisen for us, of course, is our traditional practice of full and open disclosure of the board’s handling of the business of Alcoholics Anonymous guided by the Twelve Concepts for World Service, which has served us all for six decades.”

“At every step of this matter we are taking great pains to consider all elements, majority and minority viewpoints, prior facts and actions.”

“We very much look forward to a time when we can report out to the fellowship in keeping with our Third Concept.”

“We recognize that the Concepts advise that consultation is almost always desirable. However, the timing and procedures that exist for action may not always allow wide and thorough consultation. It is at such a time that delegated authority must be used with great deliberation and caution.”

“The Board is listening to all perspectives, and, in accordance with our principles, we are making decisions through careful debate and deliberation, with substantial unanimity, always seeking to obtain an informed group conscience.”

“Our hope is that this [the discussions on this matter] eventually leads to a full policy-level discussion about the Board’s role in protecting the AA name and intellectual property (i. e., Copyrights and trademarks); and we are proceeding with caution, recognizing the potential benefits and liabilities to the Fellowship as best we can, based on ongoing informed discussion and consultation.”

“The general service conference will certainly have the opportunity to express its group conscience when you receive the Board’s full reporting upon the resolution of the legal action.”

“It is an honor and a blessing to serve Alcoholics Anonymous, under a higher power as we may seek to understand that higher power, which will guide us to make the best informed, most principal decisions we can.” – Yours in service, Rich P.

Personally, I have no comment on the matter. As I have told the assembly over these last several months, I am your conduit of information to and from the General Service Board, and I believe it is important that I adopt a neutral position, to better serve the interest and viewpoints of our assembly members on this matter. Please contact me at any time if you have any questions regarding this matter. You can also contact the Public Information coordinator at the General Service Office to express your viewpoint. The email is public

I do appreciate that the board continues to update us regularly, to the extent that they can.

Closing Remarks

I am very grateful for this opportunity to serve as your delegate. It has made a tremendous difference in my life, I feel that it is easier for me to be grateful for my recovery and to be happy for all the good things in my life. In your service, Joe S, Delegate P67/A47 CNY

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