Literature (General)

The focus of Literature committees is to assure that A.A. literature is available for A.A. groups, service meetings and other A.A. events. Through displays, supplies of A.A. catalogs and order forms, and A.A. literature workshops these committees help A.A. members carry the A.A. message through our literature. — Reprinted from, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.


The purpose of this committee is to provide conference approved literature and other service material for sale at every assembly and the convention. Basic functions of the committee are:

  • Chair the monthly Literature Committee Meeting and to discuss literature updates and or changes.
  • Provide Area Committee Chairs the literature they may need for service events.
  • Maintains literature inventory and orders appropriately. —Reprinted from the Area 47 Handbook

Link to Literature Chair’s 2016 New York State Informational Workshop (NYSIW) Report