New GSR School

Area 47 Central NY – New GSR School Outline (click to download .pdf)

This is simply a guideline and is not telling you what to do. If you are a veteran at this, by all means, continue as you see the most effective way in your 50 minutes. You may want to briefly cover:

  • A warm welcome and brief intro.(i.e. where and when we meet, elections, annual delegate’s report, and use of the ask it basket)
  • They should register with our Area Registrar. There, they can find info. about their District/’D.C.M., and how to get an Area Handbook.
  • The role of the G.S.R. especially trying to take good notes, informing your group, and bringing their conscience back to the assembly, through the vote, speaking at the microphone, and making motions.
  • The G.S.R. Kit will be mailed to each G.S.R. Ask them to read the whole kit especially studying the G.S.R. pamphlet and the GSO Service Manual.
  • Additional important literature to emphasize: The Area 47 HandbookA.A. Comes of AgeLanguage of the HeartThe 12&12.
  • Without steering them in a specific direction, you can explain service sponsorship. It is described thoroughly on pages 25 – 27 of Questions & Answers on Sponsorship.
  • Explain the service structure, upside down triangle and 2nd tradition. Refer to the Service Manual, emphasizing the groups’/GSRs’ role.
  • Briefly explain the 3 rights that general service officers, reps and groups have in our concepts: to participate, to appeal, and “right of decision”.
  • You may add any positive experience and things you’ve learned, at this time.
  • Questions and answers time!