Website Committee Report: December 2016

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It has been a privilege to serve as Area 47’s Website Committee Chair for the past two years. I thank you all for the opportunity. I especially thank the Area 47 Webteam for its dedication and work to keep the website and email network (369 email addresses strong) up and running and for providing Area 47 with an effective and up-to-date information source. Our email distribution lists are only as good as the updates we receive, so I’d like to say what a pleasure it has been to work with our Area 47 registrar, John F., who provided new email contact information monthly. I’m also grateful for the patience and good humor of our secretary, Peter G., who forwarded minutes to us each month for emailing and posting. I especially want to express my gratitude to and confidence in Dave M., our new Website Committee Chair. Most recently we worked together, with help from Gloria J., to update the Website Committee Manual which the Area accepted at our November 2016 assembly. Between the two of us we have participated in two NYSIWs and updated the Area calendar and location pages monthly and posted meeting schedules from all over Area 47 regularly. As 2017 begins, I look forward to my new service position as DCM for district 340 and to supporting the webteam in any way that’s needed. Thank you again for the privilege of serving Area 47.

Colleen K.

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